A Place for Healing. A Place to Begin Again.

Build the life you have been longing for–become the person you would like to be–appreciate the person you already are.

My practice is focused on helping individuals and couples deal with difficult issues, transitions and challenges. As a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience in the mental health field–with a focus on personal psychotherapy for adults–I work with both individuals and couples.

I take a down-to-earth, no nonsense approach with my clients. In couples therapy, we build intimate relationships and improve communication. Working with individuals, we create inner harmony, grow into the future, and build a better life.

How May I Help You?

I offer a wide variety of psychotherapy services for both individuals and couples.

In the safety of my office, you can untangle troubles and resolve problems. My clients tell me I have a calm, caring manner that I use to help you heal hurts and face difficulties. I can help you build the life you have been longing for, become the person you would like to be, and appreciate the person you already are.

I can also help couples reconnect. Lasting love doesn’t just happen. You have to know what to do to find and build a relationship that works. And the answer may not be to find another “right” person, but to find a way to love again the person you have found already.

Change is never easy, but it can be achieved if you are willing to try. And the first step in your journey toward change starts by contacting me.

I can help YOU:

  • Become the person you long to be
  • Value the person you already are
  • Increase your effectiveness as a parent
  • Overcome
  • Recover from loss or grief
I can help COUPLES:

  • Build intimate, mutually-satisfying relationships
  • Find a way to love again
  • Learn communication skills
  • If needed, co-parent amicably
  • If needed, separate as friends
If you are thinking of DIVORCE but are not sure:

I can help you decide if you can, or should, save your marriage

Even if you are interested in counseling and your spouse is not, Discernment Counseling can still help you.


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Marilyn Recommends

Over the years, I have found certain books and other products to be helpful for my clients. So, I wanted to share with you my recommendations. These are by no means required for your success, but I do believe they can be valuable resources.

For an appointment call (603) 431-3250
370 Portsmouth Avenue, Cornerstone Commons, Greenland, NH 03840